The Origin of
the Kaikoura Group

Group Breakdown

In December 1995, while on a family holiday in the coastal town of Kaikoura, New Zealand,  Richard Brake received an urgent fax offering him the opportunity to buy a portfolio of properties in London.  He spent the rest of the day feeding coins into a local call box while negotiating the deal and setting up a company to make the purchase. The family decided the company should be called ‘Kaikoura’ in celebration of a memorable day in a beautiful, and unlikely, place.


In 1996 property operations commenced in the UK.  Richard assembled a team possessing the expertise required to rediscover the potential of old, obsolete and redundant buildings and, in doing so, to bring new life into distinctive sites in key areas where people can enjoy their leisure time.


During 2000 Richard relocated to Cape Town and in 2003 teamed up with Chris Hyland and Chris Moore to create Kaikoura Capital (Pty) Ltd to focus on property development and investment as
well as private equity investments. The company has traded successfully since then, sourcing, accumulating and developing a diverse range of prime real- estate opportunities.

The Kaikoura Group’s principals possess multi-disciplinary skills including, but not limited to, property, finance, banking, private equity and law. They also have experience with both listed and unlisted companies. They have operated in the international environment and have a global network of contacts in the banking, financial, construction and property industries.


Kaikoura Capital undertakes its projects either as principal or in joint venture. In order to manage risk and maximise profit, Kaikoura Capital will often partner with local developers and assemble experienced professionals with particular skills and expertise. Kaikoura Capital also has a deliberate strategy of diversifying its portfolio of developments and investments into geographic regions across South Africa.


  • Kaikoura Capital (Pty more

    Kaikoura Capital (Pty) Ltd is essentially a property company, focusing on development, investment and financing opportunities within its core competence.


    The company also seeks to invest in selected private equity, venture capital, financing and mining opportunities outside the property industry. Over the last 12 years, it has completed numerous large property projects and in currently involved in several more:



    • The acquisition and subsequent sale of 190 units under sectional title in Richards Bay with a sale value of R20 million;
    • The rezoning, sub-division and sale of 230 residential erven in the Drakensberg area in a secure eco-estate with a sale value in excess of R70 million;
    • The acquisition and demolition of existing buildings and the subsequent development and sale of an office building and 660 bay parking garage in the Cape Town CBD with a sale value of R159 million;
    • The acquisition and sale of 44 retirement residential units in Cape Town with a sale value of R36 million;
    • The acquisition and sale of 90 sectional title residential units in Durban;
    • The acquisition, sub-division, servicing and sale of a private residential township comprising 690 erven known as Schonenberg Estate in Somerset West with a sale value of R240 million. The landscaping component won a SALI award;
    • The acquisition, development and sale of 140 sectional title student accommodation units in Pretoria with a sale value of R70 million;
    • The acquisition for re-development of a 6- storey residential building to provide 70 units in Kenilworth, Cape Town, with a sales value of R160 million.



    • The acquisition, servicing and sale of a 4-hectare residential site in Ceres, Western Cape, with a sales value of R38 million;
    • The acquisition of the Valyland Shopping Centre, a neighbourhood convenience centre in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, with a value of approximately R35 million;
    • The acquisition and planned development of an upmarket residential scheme in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, with an estimated value of R1 billion;
    •  A joint venture agreement with two other partners to acquire, service and sell approximately 140 units in the Chapmans Bay Estate on the Noordhoek side of Ou Kaapse Weg with a land sell value exceeding R140 million;


    Kaikoura Capital undertakes its projects either as principal or in joint venture. In order to minimize risks and maximise profits, Kaikoura Capital partners with local property developers and professionals, making use of their particular skills and areas of expertise.

    Its own in house Project Manager and Marketing and Sales Strategy Manager focus on these disciplines to ensure that all projects deliver in terms of quality, budget and programme. Kaikoura Capital has a deliberate strategy of diversifying its portfolio into geographic regions other than the Western Cape.

  • Kaikoura more

    Kaikoura Investments in the UK has, since its early days, positioned itself as a speculator, catalyst, and property developer with particular expertise in converting character, trophy, and listed properties into mainly pubs and restaurants. Its aim is to sympathetically restore the potential of the past by injecting 21st century life into buidlings which others may have considered tired, old and derelict - destined for demolition. Its current portfolio contains a range of individual and character buildings across the UK.


    Please visit the Kaikoura Investments website

  • Kaikoura Desarrollos more

    Kaikoura Desarrollos Inmobiliarios, registered and operating in Argentina, is a company which focuses on real estate, agricultural and mining opportunities.


    Click on the following link to visit the company’s website showcasing their exciting new development in Chacras, Mendoza, Argentina.


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